Tired of spending  2h per day on Google for your project?

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Save time and money

by finding the right data !

Be part of the first community dedicated to data review and recommendations👇

Search thousands of curated sources

Don't loose your time by depending on Google search algorithms. These are great for shopping and vacations🏖️, but not for your project.

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👍Leverage what people like you have already searched and successfully found: open data, market reports, datasets, APIs... information in a format that you can use without headaches.

Share feedbacks with your peers

When booking a restaurant, would you imagine not checking its ratings on TripAdvisor? The same should happen with Data or Information, but it never did so far👋.

data sourcing hunting feedbacks ratings opendata

Starzdata is a community where members can anonymously share feedbacks, or publish articles and tutorials that benefit to others. And they earn rewards for that...!

Expand your knowledge

Post-its and Excel file are great for listing sources of data, but they usually get lost or underused🗑️. Just like Trello or Github, these tools are not meant to expand your knowledge. 

data sharing lists datasets bookmarks private

♻️Starzdata makes it possible to create public or private lists of sources, and be informed on new versions or releases directly from the publishers.

We also recommend additional sources based on what your previously listed

Participate in the pre-launch of our community platform. Share your data consumption habits.

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